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Good Bar


Not so sure about that DJ/Karaoke guy though.

Dec 12, 2019

Great bar not so great management


Bar is great and staff are great but George not so great. My boyfriend and I go there a lot and he has always been very friendly to both of us but then my boyfriends disgruntled daughter and husband go in there one night and because that are ticked off that Daddy wouldn't go and buy their drinks and preferred to be with me instead they bad mouthed me to George who in turn instead of staying neutral decided to tell them to tell my boyfriend "bros before hoes" not realizing that my boyfriend would show me the text. I thought that was very unprofessional for someone running a business and always pretended to be our friend. Thought he was being cute I guess. Five stars to staff 0 stars to management.

Feb 07, 2019

Ron and Susie 

Great food, nice people
Very clean restrooms
Great Mar
Great food, nice people
Clean restrooms
Super Drinks

Sep 01, 2017

Great Bar ?

Darline McSwain 

Would love to see you expand your website to include, Upcoming Events , ( bands, Tournaments, Social Gatherings, etc. )
Drink & Menu Specials.

Jun 22, 2017

Dayton Sports Bar & Grill 936-257-8415 27 Town Ctr Dayton TX, 77939 USA 3.8 5.0 4 4 Not so sure about that DJ/Karaoke guy though.